Do You Feel You Need To Forgive Yourself?

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Do You Feel The Need To Forgive Yourself?

Recently I saw a post in a Facebook group for single mothers that said “I never forgave myself for being a single mother”… and that one statement really struck a nerve with me. I never understood why there would be a need to forgive yourself for being a single mother.

I mean not everyone chose to be a single mother. Some women were left, some were widowed, some people like me never wanted to marry the father of their children – so why would any of these women need to forgive themselves?

As a parent I know that there are a lot of things that I beat myself up for but the fact that I am a single parent is not one of them. I don’t feel like I need forgiveness. More patience? Yes. Less stress? Of course. Forgiveness however is not one that I feel I need because I don’t think that I have done anything wrong by being a single mother.

Listen to this weeks podcast where I discuss further why this statement really got to me.

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