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Overwhelmed? – This Quick Trick Can Help

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There are any number of things that can cause a mother to become overwhelmed. For a single mother there are even more! In this weeks podcast we cover the state of overwhelm and an easy way to help you get past it.

Isitri “Ish” Modak helps moms overcome overwhelm…

As single mothers it can often seem like we have a million things going on at once. Quite often I have found myself so overwhelmed that I am not even able to function. The feeling that I can’t take even ONE. MORE. THING.

I remember a day when everything seemed to collapse on top of me at once and I sat down on the floor of the kitchen and bawled. My body felt like it was under attack. My brain couldn’t process anything. I felt frozen.

Have you ever felt like that? Felt like you couldn’t do even the smallest thing because you were so overwhelmed.

Tips to help you stop feeling overwhelmed - The Single Mom Podcast

Try this quick trick to help you reset

During our interview with “Ish” Modak we talk about a quick way that you can use when you become overwhelmed.

When you find yourself becoming overly stressed or unable to stop the thoughts running through your head this one trick can help. When you are overwhelmed, your body immediately goes into a fight or flight status. You may feel like you are under attack – at least that is how your brain may be interpreting it.


Listen to this weeks podcast above to hear the easy breathing technique that you use anytime you feel like you are overwhelmed.

Giving your body and brain a moment to stop and reset. It may seem simplistic but it REALLY DOES WORK.

Be sure to keep an eye out for part 2 of our interview where we discuss another way you can prevent overwhelm.

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